ReNEW at Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships Experiences webinar

The ReNEW project recently participated in a Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships Experiences webinar organised by the Autonomous Vessel Commission of the Spanish Association of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers on the 19th of April, 2023.

One of ReNEW’s partners, Lars Andreas Lien Wennersberg, a research scientist from SINTEF Ocean, delivered a presentation on the “Redesign of waterborne logistics with a view to future technology developments for MASS”, which was based on the soon-to-be-finished EU H2020 projects AUTOSHIP and AEGIS. He also touched on the newly started HE projects SEAMLESS and ReNEW, which will also deal with Maritime Autonomous Ship System (MAAS).

Lars also focused on the future developments of MASS and the technology that can be used to create new vessel concepts and redesign waterborne transport systems. His presentation provided the audience with valuable insights into the potential of MASS in transforming the logistics and transportation industry and how technology can play a crucial role in this transformation.

Download the presentation here.

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