IWT European Platform


The European Inland Waterway Transport Platform (IWT) represents the interests of the Inland Navigation sector in European and National Transport Policies and encourages innovation. It promotes and strengthens inland navigation’s positioning on the transport market, its further integration into the multi-modal transport system, and logistics chains.  

With the expert support of its dedicated committees, the IWT Platform’s work is centred around 5 strategic interconnected themes — essential for a more competitive and sustainable IWT sector:

(1) fleet innovation and greening,

(2) nautical and technical aspects,

(3) social issues and education,

(4) sustainability, environment, and safety and

(5) infrastructure development. 


IWT is the consortium coordinator and will strategically direct the project to fulfill the European strategy for IWT, ensure the industry is well informed of ReNEW results, and engage in the journey towards a green and resilient IWT. 


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