LL2 – Smart Douro

Smart Douro Inland Waterway Infrastructure Resilience Management

The Douro is the only Portuguese inland waterway in the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network).

The Douro belongs to the Core Network and is considered a feeding point of the Atlantic Corridor. It provides connectivity between the corridor and the inner side of Portugal’s North and Centre regions, and it could potentially serve the Spanish region of Castilla y León and its important logistic centres, such as Salamanca.

This makes Douro a key element of the Core Network.

The Douro Portuguese inland waterway included in the TEN-T feeding point of the Atlantic Corridor connecting with the inner side of the North and Centre regions in Portugal (possibility of Spanish regions)
Corridor / Area
Atlantic Corridor
Port Authorities
7+ Shippers
4+ Mobility Service Providers
3 Multimodal Operators
3 Ports


In ReNEW, the Douro Living Lab ‘DIW 2024’ will have two main components:

• Resilient DIW 2024 and Sustainable DIW 2024.

• Digital Twin – Resilient DIW 2024

We will use the extensive real-time data flows produced by the existing meteorological and hydrological sensors to foster and sustain the development of a digital twin for modelling river behaviour, especially for drought and flood analysis and real-time prediction.

This will allow APDL to go a step further from the existing meteorological and hydrological models, which lack the necessary flexibility to respond to what-if simulations. This digital twin of the hydrological river behaviour will allow decision-makers to make informed decisions, especially in extreme weather events.

This will include the integration into the already existing Emergency Plan.

Partners involved

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