Living Labs

The four real-life Living Labs are focused on complementary aspects of Green Resilient IWT, ensuring the required interrelations towards achieving innovation synergies and creating a comprehensive contextual approach towards a resilient and thriving IWT future.

Ghent’s Multifunctional Synchromodality Resilient City Logistics Hub

The Living Lab at Ghent (LL1) aims to create a flexible and resilient logistic system for multi-user and multifunctional purposes.

Smart Douro Inland Waterway Infrastructure Resilience Management

The Douro is the only Portuguese inland waterway in the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network).

EU IWT Network Resilience Mitigation DT App

The work in this LL3 will further develop and demonstrate a planning mitigation demonstrator app to boost modal shift (aka Blue Wave).

Resilience promoting Autonomous Zero-emissions Barges

One of ReNEW’s key pillars is that a fleet of smaller and increasingly automated vessels will inherently increase the resilience of the overall infrastructure.

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